Dormant Plants

Why should I grow bare-root plants?

Bare-root plants offer several advantages.

  • They’re cheaper than the potted or burlap-wrapped versions sold at nurseries later in the year.
  • You’ll find a greater selection.
  • These plants aren’t grown in soil and are cheaper to ship, so you can get bare-root plants from mail order nurseries. This expands the selection of available plants.
  • Because they’ve been grown in the ground, these plants have never been root-bound.

When are bare-root plants available?

  • Look for bare-root plants at local nurseries and garden centers during late fall to early spring. When plants appear locally, it’s the right time for planting in your region.
  • Place mail orders for bare-root plants early in the season to ensure the best selection. The mail-order company will ship the plant during the correct planting window for your region.