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Dormant Plants

What are Dormant Plants?

Dormant plants have no leaves, no foliage or greenery. They are dormant meaning “asleep” for the winter months. We only ship dormant plants. They are not dead. Plant them and when spring comes and all your other garden plants green out these will also. We store our plants in a plant cooler and shipping dormant bare root plants insures there’s adequate moisture levels as well as a 98% survival rate when you plant dormant plants. That’s why we offer a 1-year warranty to insure you have plants that are alive and thriving come the following spring after you plant them.

Why should I grow bare-root plants?

Bare-root plants offer several advantages.

  • They’re cheaper than the potted or burlap-wrapped versions sold at nurseries later in the year.
  • You’ll find a greater selection.
  • These plants aren’t grown in soil and are cheaper to ship, so you can get bare-root plants from mail order nurseries. This expands the selection of available plants.
  • Because they’ve been grown in the ground, these plants have never been root-bound.

When are bare-root plants available?

  • Look for bare-root plants at local nurseries and garden centers during late fall to early spring. When plants appear locally, it’s the right time for planting in your region.
  • Place mail orders for bare-root plants early in the season to ensure the best selection. The mail-order company will ship the plant during the correct planting window for your region.