Doll Eye Plant

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Doll Eye-genus Actaea Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Sun or Shade – Partial Shade Mature Height - 1-3" Mature Width- 12" Bloom Season – Late Spring (May-June) Gardener Status- Novice

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Doll eye - Maianthemum racemosum.

Doll Eye Plants plant is a perennial that can be found in partially shaded woodland areas. The plant has captivating white flowers that fork from the stalk in the spring months between May and June. The plant is known for its distinct feature of white, round berries with a black center resembling an eye. The berries grow on the plant’s prominent stems like red veins, which is excellent to grow in the yard to create that creepy appeal as it grows into the fall months. These plants are perfect for the shady backyard, and will beautifully contrast with the green landscape of summer while complimenting the bold red and gold colors as it grows into the fall until frost. Doll eye produces a Berry like Bloom.

Doll Eye Plants wildflower is a unique one. Doll eye flower will have the most unusual blooms when these wildflowers are in bloom. They will look a lot like little eyeballs. These wildflowers will grow best in fertile, moist well-drained soil conditions. They will add beauty to any gardens. The doll eye has a blooming season from May to June. Doll eye has white blooms. It likes fertile, moist soil. It's great for naturalizing. The doll eye is a beautifully fragrant flower.

Doll Eye Plants is also as White Baneberry. This plant is seen growing around woods and other moist areas. Doll Eye loves damp soil conditions but does not do good when soils are wet, so it needs to be in well-drained soils. Doll Eye will be great for a natural area. When in bloom this plants will produce a berry like a bloom that will resemble an eye. The Doll's Eye is a very significantly looking plant because of the way it seems; it is like no other.


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Doll Eye Plants