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Fruit Season- Late Summer- Hardy Zones 3-9

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Deerberry - Vaccinium Stamineum

The Deerberry is a native North American flowering shrub. Commonly found throughout the Southeastern United States, but can be grown as far north as Ontario Canada and does well within the central United States. The Deerberry is a perennial shrub and has attractive, smooth-edged, oval leaves of striking chartreuse green. A flowering and fruiting shrub, the Deerberry produces white, fragrant, bell-shaped flowers in the spring that attract bees and other beneficial pollinators. The flowers gradually become beautiful, smooth, purple tinted berries as the summer progresses and provide an attractive contrast to its lighter colored leaves. The deciduous Deerberry is hardy in USDA zones five through nine, prefers well-drained, acidic soil and is most comfortable in dry and rocky habitat.

The plant has a unique appearance with a height that averages around five feet, It grows wide and is densely branched, with attractive reddish, peeling bark and a contorted, new silhouette. It is wildfire adapted making it is an excellent barrier shrub, and the tasty berries will become a wildlife attractant. More than deer love the edible berries, which can be made into preserves and jam. A favorite treat of many animals, the Deerberry will also attract several varieties songbirds, squirrels, and chipmunks to its berries and provide excellent wildlife viewing opportunities regularly within your garden. An easy to grow shrub, the Deerberry spreads via rhizomes and will often look like it has multiple trunks, the Deerberry doesn’t require much fuss. The Deerberry can be tree trained and has been known under the right conditions to reach heights of ten feet. The Deerberry is a great conversation piece and will provide an exciting element to a yard. Meticulously selected and shipped with the utmost care, the Deerberry will become a landscaping favorite year after year.

Deerberry - Vaccinium Stamineum