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In some areas, a garden can seem impossible due to the lovely but destructive deer population. A deer, if hungry enough, will eat almost anything. There are, however, plants that a deer will usually ignore in favor of tastier treats. So while there are no guarantees, here are five beautiful, deer-resistant plants. 

Deer Resistant plants can be shrubs, perennials, ferns, or trees. 

If you live in the south, you are familiar with hydrangeas. But did you know that deer typically won't touch them? The showy blooms of the hydrangea shrub prefer partial shade and plenty of water.


Several types of ferns are a real turn-off for deer! Try a Blade Fern, or for a burst of color, a Golden Fern; These shade-loving plants require plenty of water. They come in multiple shades of green and in a variety of shapes and textures.


Daffodils are deer-resistant flowers that love the sun!; Plant bulbs during the fall and watch them bloom in early spring. The cheerful blooms will return year after year.

Deer Resistant shrubs and hedges are good to have year-round without the hassle.

Privet Hedges

They are looking for a deer-resistant shrub that will provide both beauty and privacy? Privet Hedges is a significant investment. They are hardy through zone 7, and if left alone, can grow up to twelve feet high. Their glossy leaves and tiny, white, springtime flowers make this an attractive hedge. Privet Hedges prefer full sun or partial shade.

Magnolia Trees

The fragrance of the white flowers on the magnolia tree contrast with the glossy, dark green leaves. This tree is a showstopper. Deer usually leave this tree alone, but the Magnolia is not a fast-growing tree. With a bit of patience, this tree can become the centerpiece of your yard!

These are just a few plants that may be considered deer resistant. There are deer-resistant plants for all areas and types of gardens. With a bit of research, you can have that garden you have always dreamed of, even if you live in an area where deer are common.

Deer Resistant shrubs and hedges are good to have year-round without the hassle.

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