Deciduous Trees

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Maple Trees

Maple trees grow to a minimum of 30 feet and can exceed well over 100 feet. When planting this type of tree in your yard, provide space to accommodate its tall height and large size. Because of its extensive roots, avoid planting smaller plants right next to much larger trees. Maple leaves turn vibrant yellow, green or red colors in the Fall, but prepare for leaf shedding on deciduous trees. In the summer, the large size is beneficial for providing heavy shade. During most of the year, the trees attract different animals like birds and squirrels.

Deciduous Trees attract many species of wildlife

Oak Trees

There are hundreds of species of oak trees that grow naturally in North America. The trees grow as tall as maples, have spiral shaped leaves and produce flowers or acorns. The trees also shed and turn different bright colors in the Fall. Expect these trees to last for decades, withstanding diseases and various weather conditions. Oak wood is known for its strength and durability and commonly used in construction. The oak tree is a central portion of many ecosystems, but it is endangered due to the widespread clearing of forests all over the world.

Deciduous Trees are some of the most astounding ornamental trees

Tulip Trees

Tulip trees, also known by the genus name Liriodendron tulipifera, produce tulip-like flowers in various colors of white, yellow, purple or pink. The trees are frequently used in horticulture. Most leaves have unique four-lobed shapes with flowers that have nine tepals. Although the leaves are deciduous, many people enjoy picking the flowers right after they bloom; however, some plants take an average of 10 years to flower. Despite the flowering plants, tulip trees can exceed oak and maple trees in size and grow 100 up to 200 feet with trunks varying from four to fix feet in width. The largest trees are found in groves and forests.

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