Dandelion Plant

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Plant Name- Botanical Name - Dandelion - Taraxacum officinale Hardy Planting Zones- 3-10 Sun or Shade – Full Sun to Partial Sun- Height - 12-18" Mature Width- 12-18" Bloom Season – Spring, Fall (April to May and August to Sept.) Beginner

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Dandelion Plant - Taraxacum Officinale


The Dandelion Plant is a bright yellow flower that can grow anywhere. It is a pretty flower that needs no maintenance while outside. The Dandelion is a puff shaped flower that can brighten up any yard or garden. The Dandelion opens the most during daylight, and the male and female reproductive parts are both contained in the bud. After bees and other insects pollinate the Dandelion, then the flower produces an achene seed. These achene seeds are then pushed up through the flower, and it develops a pappus. The pappus gives the appearance of a cotton ball. When the wind blows past the flower, then the seed is launched through the air and when it lands it starts a new bulb.


Dandelion Plant is the most popular wildflower.


Dandelion Plant can be seen and found growing all over the United States. They show up on all lawns during the spring and summer months. They will have a beautiful yellow flower when in bloom. Dandelions are very easy to grow to take care. They will low maintenance to get them to grow. The bloom will usually last for about nine days once it has bloomed.

Dandelion Plant seeds usually carried by the wind and replant in different locations.

The seeds can be spread distances by the wind. They are perennials plants and will show each year. They will give a natural look to all gardens and natural areas. Even when this plant can be pruned, it will start growing new leaves. This plant is a favorite but yet found to be a nuisance at the same time.

Dandelions will take no care to get these flowers to grow

Dandelions will grow when soils are wet and moist and even in areas where the soils are dry. They are low maintenance. They will add very natural beauty to all gardens and the natural regions. These flowers can be seen growing wild in fields and pastures. Most people know this perennial for color. Why plant flowers with no shade, when one can have a Dandelion Plant?

Dandelion Plant