Climacium Moss

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Climacium Moss is much more than a Lushious Groundcover

Chimacum Moss

Latin – Climacium 

Climacium Moss is easily identified once its spotted. It's most distinguished feather is that it looks like small evergreen trees. When spotted together with several plants the moss is often described as a forest of mini trees. From the base of the of the plant that looks like tree trunk, to the mid-section with branches growing out from each of its sides. If you spot a cluster of small trees growing together on the forest floor you can be sure that the plant is a type of Climacium. The moss is found located in various areas throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

As is typical for most types of moss, Climacium is tolerable and easily adaptable to wet, dark areas and will thrive if located near water. High humidity and low lighting can be the basic ingredients you need to grow your own successful crop of the moss to add a splash of green throughout your landscaping. 

As an aid in gardening there are many great arguments for using a tree moss. Climacium can grow easily almost anywhere because of its lack of a root system. It is a It can be a fun, enjoyable crop for a gardener. It does well if used in soil that is rocky or less than idea, requires very little water to grow, and also works as a defense against erosion. Animals are not drawn to eat around an area that contains tree moss so there's a chance that using it can help with an animal pest problem.

One of the benefits of working with moss is that it can take a space that other plants might not be able to thrive in, but over time, will take it and fill it with a healthy area of luscious deep green, healthy vegetation.
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