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Chokeberry Shrubs

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Aronia arbutifolia or Chokeberry Shrubs is an excellent landscaping plant. It is multi-seasonal. It produces beautiful flowers in the summer and flowers, fruit and spectacular foliage in the fall. Aronia arbutifolia or Chokeberry can help with bank stabilization, borders, and erosion control. It usually grows to between 6 and 10 feet tall and between 3 and 6 feet wide. Aronia arbutifolia or Chokeberry can grow in full or partial sun. However, best fruit production occurs when the Chokeberry receives full sun.

Chokeberry Shrubs are tolerant to many different conditions

It can also flourish in a variety of soil types from average to medium moisture to the soggy soil. Chokeberries ability to grow well in very wet conditions makes it ideal for use on the edges of streams, ponds and other wet areas. The Chokeberry plant can resist most pests and diseases. The common name, Chokeberry, denotes what happens when most people try to eat the tart, bitter berries the bush produces. While the berries on the Chokeberry are technically edible, they are also very astringent. The berries can be used to make great tasting jellies and jams.

Chokeberry Shrubs produce a bitter fruit

The Black Chokeberry is a spreading, rounded yet leggy shrub that grows pretty white flowers in the spring that become attractive blackish-purple fruits in the early fall. It also has attractive and lustrous dark green foliage in the summer that turns a beautiful purplish-red in the fall. The fruit is more ornamental than edible since it is quite bitter, although it can be made into a tasty jam. Black Chokeberry works well as a shrub border or grouped in a native plant garden. Its ability to withstand wet areas makes it a good shrub for growing along ponds or water gardens. The Chokeberries Scientific Name is Aronia melanocarpa. Chokeberry can get up to six foot in height and spread up to six foot. Chokeberry does well in full to part shade.

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