Carolina Rose Bush

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How to Care For Carolina Rose Bush

Carolina Rose Bush is a deciduous shrub that is within the Rosaceae family. It is located in Eastern and central North America and when in bloom they are known to be pink. They need full sun to grow and can be found in medium to wet environments. Their maintenance is at a medium level and can be performed during bloom time in May. They grow up to 3 to 6 feet in height and can spread 5 to 10 feet. The suggested use of these plants is the hedge. They are shown in many pictures to have a flower that attracts butterflies and birds and can be showy. It does have some thorns and can be seen in garden locations. It is known to grow after being watered deeply and regularly. It is best to water this plant in the morning. You should avoid over-watering and get a lot of good air circulation going to promote healthy growth, and this will help prevent known foliar diseases inside of the plant. During the summer mulch can help retain moisture and keep the roots of this plant cool, so it is important to consider investing in mulch during this particular season.Summer can help remove and destroy diseases from plants, and it is your job to clean up around the plant and trim and care for it during the winter. You should consider pruning in the late winter or the early spring seasons. The Carolina Rose Bush is seen in Missouri natively and can be found in wet soils throughout the state. Mostly, the Carolina Rose Bush can be spotted in prairies, woods, and along railroads or roadside places. When traveling, you might see a Carolina Rose Bush in the complete wild, and it will feature 5-petaled pink flowers. This species has a better chance of being resistant to disease than most other hybrid roses.


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