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Latin Name- Xanthorhiza Simplicissima Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 1-3ft Width- 2-4ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Xanthorhiza simplicissima (Yellowroot)



The benefits of the Xanthoriza Yellow Root
With such a distinct and unique name as Yellow Root, the Xanthoriza Yellow Root also brings with it many significant characteristics and advantages. Native to the east side of the United States, the plant has spread nationwide because of its alkaloid berberine, which has numerous traditional and contemporary uses for dyeing and medicine. It can be added to drinks, food, used as an antibiotic and many more other things. However, perhaps the best use of the plant would be to display its beautiful lush, and vibrant colors for all to see. The thing is, because of all these incredible benefits, this plant is quickly coming out of stores and into homes so, get yours as soon as you can!




Tiny purple blooms will begin to appear in the spring months and will be spectacular in appearance. It also produces star-shaped fruits that will act as a food source for local wildlife creatures.