Worm Castings

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Worm castings 5-gallon bags

Worm castings are a highly desired form of organic, natural fertilizer. Worms naturally produce this rich manure as they digest their food, leaving behind nutrients that plants need. Castings are high in nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium and magnesium. They also provide soil with microorganisms and helpful bacteria and have been known to reduce the amount of heavy metal found in soil. Worm compost has a rich, pleasing odor and helps aerate the soil. Like most organic fertilizers, worm compost and its nutrients wash away and deplete over time, but reapplication is easy. Unlike other manures or fertilizers, worm castings can be applied directly to the soil with no worry of damaging soil structure or "burning" plant roots or leaves. They can be added at any time throughout the growing process, either as a side dressing later in the season or pre-season by incorporating it throughout the garden area. Worm castings are collected through a process called vermicomposting. Though it is possible to manage vermicompost in the home, most gardeners choose to buy worm castings from nurseries or other garden suppliers. These castings are cleaner, better aged and tend to have a higher balance of nutrients than homemade vermicompost.

Worm castings are a fantastic fertilizer and work great for all types of gardens.

This compost is rich in all kinds of nutrients and minerals such as potassium, calcium and also iron to name a few. It is very natural as it is taken from the fertile soil where worms are kept. This produces a very rich fertilizer that is made up of enzymes and manure from the worms. This is the wealthiest natural fertilizers available and only takes a small amount of the plants. Just around one tablespoon can fertilize a plant that is six inches tall. The worm castings break down and help keep moisture around the plants while it is providing them with lots of high nutrients and vitamins that they need to grow and become very healthy. Online Plant Nursery offers this rich fertilizer in five-gallon bags that are ready to use when the consumer receives them.

Worm Castings


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