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24" XL Wooden Stump Planter

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24" XL Wooden Stump Planter


24” XL wooden stump planters are a beautiful addition to all gardens and natural areas. These are very durable and can withstand all weather conditions. They are great for yards as they are heavy and will not turn over like some plastic containers. They can have beautiful plants, and also delicate growing vines added, and they also attract beautiful butterflies and even hummingbirds when flowering perennials are joined with them. They are a very affordable price at Online Plant Nursery and are shipped directly to the consumer and are ready to use to create beautiful and natural looking gardens and other areas on a lawn. They are large enough so that significant flowering plants and also more massive growing vines can be added with ease. They create a beautiful look as they are combined and also add great curb appeal to a lawn. This is an excellent way to add a natural feel to all gardens and natural areas on a lawn.


24" XL Wooden Stump Planter Sizes may vary


The stumps are petrified wood, aged wood where minerals have replaced the cells of the tree over time. The metals copy the look of the of the original plant, turning the tree to stone over a process that can take decades if not centuries; Because the petrified wood is so brittle, carving the trees into planters has to be done very carefully. Another option is to take the stump of an old enough tree, usually forty or fifty years old, and carve out the center. Although those stumps are not as hard, or heavy, like the petrified kind, they can be used for much the same use; they tend to rot over time and become a more literal part of the surroundings.


After the stump has been found and carved, it can then be used for some different uses. Petrified wood stumps have seen use as the base of fountains or as small fish ponds, making for some exciting lawn ornaments. Both kinds usually end up as wooden planters in a variety of surroundings, ranging from gardens to driveways, wherever their owners wish to have an additional natural touch. There are some ways to incorporate the wooden planters into the overall theme of the house, usually in a fun way.


The apparent use of these stumps is as garden decorations, with perennials growing out of the tops of them, and usually placed to look somewhat natural.

The gardener is advised to treat them as ordinary planters, but to allow for natural drainage, especially if the stump is made of aged wood rather than stone. The bottom third should be filled with sand to both weigh it down and allow for drainage, while the remainder should be filled with potting soil. This will enable any plants inside to grow healthy and be easily cared for.


The usual role that the stump plays is as a planter, to emphasize its appearance by camouflaging it. When choosing perennials for it, keep in mind the root length of the plants to make sure that they have plenty of room to grow; some of the stumps are relatively thin, making it difficult for larger plants. Otherwise, the sky is the limit, and a few wooden sculptures placed next to the stump can add to the effect of plants growing out of a tree stump, especially if those sculptures are less abstract and modeled after real animals or look vaguely humanoid.


Regardless of how you do it, wooden planters add a charming touch to almost every scene in which they find themselves. With the addition of wood sculptures, the planter's true nature can be camouflaged, making it look as if it grew from the ground on which it stands, especially if it is partially buried or dirt covers some of the roots. It can add a nice touch of whimsy, especially when done right and with care to match the surrounding area. With a little care, they can grow into the surrounding area, making for some stories later on when its origins have been obscured by time.

Wooden Stump Planter