Wild Strawberry

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Wild strawberry plant vines are easily accessible in wooded areas, meadows, yards, and riversides. It stretches its runner just about anywhere. Leaves are developed in groups of threes Each leaf is around an inch and a half long.

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Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry- Fragaria vesca
Wild Strawberry is a perennial herbaceous plant. Trifoliate green leaves grow on a hairy stalk about 6 inches tall. The flowers are small, white and have five petals. The central part of the flower forms into a bright red fruit that is embedded with seeds. The fruit is sweet and tasty, edible for humans and animals. The plants grow in clusters, blooming in April, May, and June. Plant the Wild Strawberry in sunny, dry areas of your garden. The plants form clusters of flowers that the last one to two months. The plants are great for edging and ground cover in gardens.

Wild strawberry can be seen growing in wooded areas. They do need some sun but prefer more shade than most. The berries are small and around 1-2 inches in diameter. They grow along the ground or close to it. They can spread, but it does not expand in a large bush it grows along the ground. It is not commonly eaten berries but more grown as a convenience plant for wildlife animals. The foliage is green with small white or yellow flowers offset by red berries. These plants can produce a very natural look as they grow and can also be used to create a beautiful ground cover. They can also attract small wildlife that loves to feast on the little berries that this plant grows. These plants are a deep green as they grow and mature. They usually bloom during March and April before the berries appear. They also produce well when planted in partially shaded areas. They are very easy to grow as they can adapt well to all different types of soil conditions. They are outstanding as they grow and are popular among homeowners that are wanting to produce a very natural look in their gardens and natural areas.