Wild Phlox Plant- Blooming Age Plants

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 Phlox Divaricata,Wild Phlox Plant


Wild phlox has fragrant, flat clusters of lavender, pink, violet, or blue flowers. The broad leaves begin at the base of the stem and have hairy, sticky stems. It can be purchased in many different kinds or varieties, but all are pleasant to look at and look good when they are growing and blooming. They will bloom during the early spring which makes them an easy grower because they usually start coming up during the end of winter and towards the end of snow.


This plant attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and repels deer.


Commonly found in wooded areas, fields, and along streams in the Midwestern us, the plant blooms in April and May. Landscaping uses include naturalized areas and as ground cover, or use in rock or wildflower gardens, as borders, or in native plant gardens. Phlox acts as a short-rooted cover for bulbs planted in the early spring.


The phlox looks good wherever it is planted.


The phlox comes in many different shades and colors ranging from purple, pink, white, red and yellow. The phlox is native to the central United States and does the best in partial shade or full sun. The phlox grows well in moist soil and has shallow roots. The phlox comes in many different varieties and does well when used as a border or edge piece. This plant attracts butterflies, rabbits, and bees.



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