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Wild Grape Vine - Vitis riparia


Wild Grape Vine, or Vitis riparia, is a climbing vine with no solid, upright trunk. This vine has small tendrils that wrap themselves around anything they can find. Wild Grape Vine grows clusters of tiny, white flowers which bloom in early summer. These flowers give way to small, hard green grapes that will ripen later in the summer months until the first frost. Wild Grape Vine leaves are heart-shaped and deep green by the bases, and the blades extend out with long, pointed tips.Wild Grape Vines are versatile plants that have been known to grow along riverbanks, fences, and forests. They are a perennial vine, coming back year after year. Wild Grape Vines prefer fertile, moist, well-drained soil. These vines are very popular with gardeners and landscapers alike as they provide a gorgeous conversation piece, and possess the unique quality of being trained to climb structures. This creates a striking look. The Wild Grape Vine is a hardy plant that can survive many varied conditions. These vines attract lots of birds that enjoy eating the grapes and require very little maintenance once they are trained in the direction you want them to grow. A bonus is once the grapes themselves mature, they can be used for their juice, and they freeze well.
These gorgeous plants are shipped to the consumer in their bare root form, so they arrive in top notch condition.


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