White Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Lagerstroemia Indica Hardy Planting Zone-6-9 Mature Height- 20-30 Width- 20 Sun or Shade- Partial sunlight

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The White Crape Myrtle - Lagerstroemia indica ‘Alba’

White Crepe Myrtle makes a lovely addition to gardens in zone 6 through 10. It provides fragrant clusters of blooms all summer long and its seeds provide winter interest. Versatile and fast growing, gardeners can train the flowering plants into hedges making them perfect for ornamental home landscapes, container, street side, or even community or public gardens. Their mature height is 16 to 20 feet with a spread of 6 to 8 feet. White Crape Myrtle loves the full sun, but this hardy tree isn’t too picky about its soil and adapts well to most conditions.

The White Crepe Myrtle is a beautiful tree that would make an eloquent addition to any landscape, big or small.

Whether you are just trying out your "green thumb" for the first time, or you are an already weathered gardener, tending to one of these trees will be as rewarding as it is fun. With luscious clusters of white blossoms that last, dark, glossy green leaves that stay until the autumn turns them to bright orange and red, the foliage of this tree is exquisite. As it is deciduous, it will lose all foliage in the fall, but the foliage is not all that makes up this attractive tree. The unique bark is also beautiful and even bare, it will still make quite the statement.

This type of crepe myrtle although it is white, there are many different varieties and kinds of them. There is pink, purple, white, peppermint and lavender. There are many different shades, and all have close to the same characteristics. They are known as fast-growing because they can grow around five feet a year. Some will argue that they are shrubs while others state they are a tree, but most will say they are a tree due to size. No matter where you grow it, it can become an eye catcher and attention grabber when in full bloom. It has bright blooms that glisten in the sun.

White Crepe Myrtle