White Althea

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Althea White Shrub




The White Althea, (also known as the Rose of Sharon), is an ornamental, deciduous shrub. It is sure to bring bright and brilliant color to any lawn or garden, as it produces 5-petaled, trumpet-shaped, beautiful, white and colored red blooms. This plant is low maintenance, and very easy to take care of, as they can even grow in colder climates. Although it is a shrub, it requires very little pruning. It prefers full sun areas with moist soil, and they can even grow to be 4 to 12 feet tall. The blooms of the white althea are also known to attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.












White Althea comes in a variety of colors.








White Althea is a beautiful shrub when in bloom with gorgeous flowers during the spring and summer months. White Althea is also called Rose of Sharon and is known as Hibiscus Syriacus by the scientific name.




White Althea will make a beautiful statement anywhere.




White Althea will give beautiful blooms to enjoy. This shrub will not take a lot of maintenance, and it will grow very well. White Althea germinates best when soil and lighting conditions are right. White Althea will have big beautiful blooms and is excellent for a nature lover. This shrub will bring all kinds of butterflies to a garden. This shrub will amaze any gardener or homeowner.




The White Althea plant, also known as the Rose of Sharon, is a very adaptable plant.




It is drought tolerant and comes in many colors, besides white, like red, purple and blue. This shrub is an excellent choice to have in your garden if you would like hummingbirds and butterflies to be frequent visitors. White Althea shrubs grow best in soil that is well-drained and just a bit moist. This plant has flowers that bloom in late July all the way to September and is very easy to maintain. The White Althea's flowers stay open at night, and although they flowers die quickly, new ones form each day.



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