Water Oak Seedlings

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Latin Name- Quercus nigra Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 50-80 ft Width- 50-80 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun


The Wondrous Water Oak Seedlings

Water Oak Seedlings - Quercus nigra. The Water Oak Seedlings is a deciduous tree that, as its name implies. Water Oak Seedlings thrives best in wet, dense soil with good drainage. Water Oak Seedlings also does well in swampy areas. Its Hardiness Zones are 6-9. This tree can reach towering heights of 50-80 feet. Water Oak Seedlings canopy extends out about the same, making this majestic member of the oak family a popular choice by landscapers as a shade tree. Water Oak Seedlings is often favored because of its versatility and easy transplantability. Water Oak Seedlings also multiplies, regularly climbing 2 or more feet per year. The Water Oak Seedlings likes lots of sun, so full sun or partial shade is the best exposure to ensure prosperous and healthy growth.
Water Oak Seedlings sprawling, thick branches are lined with varied shaped but generally, rounded leaves. Colors range from flat bluish-green hues to deep jade in the summer. The water oak turns a showy yellow in the fall. Its leaves will usually hang around until midwinter. Water Oak Seedlings also produce acorns like all oaks. A variety of wildlife loves these nuts, so expect lots of activity around this tree during the summer and fall times! These round nuts average about 1/2" in length and are generally brown and black striped. Water Oak seedlings tree is terrific shade trees when fully grown. Water Oak Seedlings thrive all different types of soil conditions. They supply beautiful color all throughout the year and especially in the fall as the leaves begin to change. Water Oak Seedlings also attract birds and squirrels and other small wildlife to an area as it produces lovely acorns that they enjoy. BUy Water Oak Seedlings at our Online Nursery Today!

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