Tupelo Tree

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Nyssa Sylvatica, Tupelo 


Tupelo trees can be placed near water and adapt very well to this environment. The tree grows tall and is among the tallest around. Its leaves are usually green but sometimes change into the color red. The leaves are circular and look very similar to most leaves. A tree such as this has a slim trunk which gives it part of its uniqueness. The landscaping of this tree will be quite simple as long as it is in the right environment. If you have a large yard or have a large field to plant it in, you will have the ideal setting to have this tree grow and develop.


Tupelo Trees develop into a pleasing triangular shape and present fantastic fall color. The glossy dark green of the leaves gives way to a variety of colors in autumn, including scarlet, purple, orange, and yellow. The trees are prized in some parts of the U.S. for the honey they produce. The rough bark encourages lichen and moss to grow in its furrows, adding color and texture to its grayish bark. While both male and female trees produce flowers, the females' are more significant, green, and develop into lovely emerald fruit that deepens to purple at maturity. The flowers attract many pollinators in spring. These graceful trees are excellent for waterside plantings or swampy areas


Tupelo trees are a great way to bring a shaded area to a lawn or landscape.
These trees will also give an area a beautiful splash of color in the fall months and during the summer.


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