Thuidium Moss

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Common Fern Moss - Thuidium Delicatulum 4a to 8a Partial Sun to Medium Shade 4" to 16" tall Several Inches Wide Spring Growing Season Beginner Status

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Thuidium Moss

Thuidium Delecatulum also known as fern Moss is a beautiful accent to any area. The hearty Thuidium Moss may delicately grow around stone gardens. Once matured his green plant adapts to droughts. This lovely Moss is often landscaped around concrete, wooded areas or soil. Thuidium moss is also known as a ground fern moss. This moss provides a blanket of green as it grows. This moss offers a very natural look as it matures.

This is a low growing moss with a high success rate, as this is very versatile. It does well in partially shaded areas, as it does well in the shaded area with this Thuidium Fern Moss. This allows the color to turn in a medium green as this likes the shade. This should include a mixture of these because there are several species of them. These are available in irregularly shaped sections, and these have been shipped in breathable boxes. This is a fast-growing fern that usually turns bright green, but it often has bright yellow. It appears to be sick or dead when it dries out, as it changes from a lush appearance. They adapt quickly back to its original shape once they are hydrated. It can handle the sun, but it does well in the shade.

These have been rescued from the high impact areas with these Thuidium Fern Moss.

When you have live moss and landscape areas, we promote these. These have very little soil attached to them, but some mosses will come with the ground attached to them. When your moss arrives be sure to check the moisture levels, and you should fluff Moses with your hands. You should keep these moist and rehydrate them as needed until they are planted. They require more attention to keep these fresh and avoid any air conditioning or heat.

We discourage the purchase of the live mosses to be used for florists or crafters since our mosses should be kept alive. There are used in landscaping projects or containers that feature the beautiful green moss of these

Thuidium Moss

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