Texas Sedge

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Latin Name-Carex Texensis Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height-4-6inch Sun Or Shade- Sun Or Shade


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Carex Texensis, Texas Sedge


Texas Sedge is considered the most common sedge in Texas. Texas Sedge is most often used as a replacement for grass because of its long, thin, smooth and grass looking leaves. It is especially helpful because it is deficient maintenance, it doesn't have to be often mowed, and it is drought resistant. Texas Sedge has a beautiful yellow-green color and has a fine and tuft like appearance. The reason for the tuft like appearance is because Texas Sedge grows in clumps, allowing for it to be planted in specific areas without the worry that it will spread. Texas Sedge does well with light foot traffic making it a prime to be used alongside footpaths as well as planted throughout bulbs and flowers.


Texas Sedge is a Grass that Prefers Moist Soil.


However, the wet shade is it most important home. This evergreen carpet has been used as a lawn grass in Texas due to its never needing to be mowed or water once established. It can withstand light traffic and is quite charming with gardens in mind. Mixed with bulbs or other plants it gives a lacey look to your beautiful blooming bulbs. It does bloom in early spring with fuzzy little flowers that catch the wind and sways back and forth.


The Texas sedge is a kind of native grass. It doesn't have a height its grass it just keeps on growing. It has a bright green color and stays that way year round. Sometimes you'll find it covering forest floors. Anywhere you plant this plant will make a statement.


Texas Sedge is commonly grown in central Texas or places where there are dry, humid climates.
It is preferred because it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and often does not require as much mowing as other grasses or turfs would. It has a high tolerance to heat. Planted in a water garden, pond or lake looks perfect and makes it complete.



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Texas Sedge