Sycamore Tree Seedlings

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American Sycamore/Platanus occidentalis Hardy Planting Zones- 4-9 Mature Height- 75-100 feet Mature Width-40-45' feet Bloom Season- Spring Sun or Shade- Sun


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Sycamore Tree Seedlings - Platanus Occidentalis.

A unique and commanding tree, the sycamore, sometimes called buttonwood or buttonball, can grow up to 100 feet tall and can live for up to 600 years. Distinctive features include its thick trunk, lobed leaves, beautiful cream, green, or patchy brown bark, and golf ball-sized spiky fruit clusters that contain "helicopter-type" seeds. One tree can produce as many as 10,000 seeds per season.
A deciduous tree, the sycamore's broad, thick green leaves create a bold canopy of excellent shade, and they turn a lovely shade of gold in the fall. The sycamore works well in large areas, such as parks, due to its massive size, and is popular in residential areas due to its fast growth which can be as much as six feet a year. The sycamore's growth tends to be symmetrical, providing a pleasing dome shape that can be as much as 60 feet in diameter. The robust root system of the tree anchors it firmly in the ground, causing it to be excellent as a windbreak. The sycamore attracts a wide range of birds, pollinators, and small mammals such as squirrels which are sheltered by the dense zig-zagging branches. A sycamore's bark regularly peels, creating a distinctive look. The trunk's lighter areas, revealed by peeling bark, are beautifully highlighted by sunlight, especially in winter with the lower angle of the sun.
The sycamore grows easily in both warm and cold climates and can adapt to most types of soil. It is drought-tolerant and is easy to start from a seedling. Seedlings should be planted in the spring or fall.

Species of sycamore such as the American and Oriental plane trees have wood that is medium-weight, strong, and durable, and yet is easily worked. It is an excellent choice for making furniture, cabinets, and flooring. Sycamore tree seedlings is a great way to plant several of the stately and hardy trees. They are solid when grown and can withstand high winds and storms. The crowns are beautiful as they display their bright and gorgeous green leaves and paints a cute and colorful picture during the fall. They make excellent shade trees for families to enjoy during the hot summer months. They grow best when planted in various soil conditions.

Sycamore Tree Seedlings