Sweet Gum Seedlings

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Latin Name- Liquidambar Styraciflua Hardy Planting Zone- 7-9 Mature Height- 50-100 ft Width-up to 60 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun

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Sweet Gum Seedlings - Liquidambar Styraciflua

This deciduous tree of the Altingiaceae family is popular for ornamental landscaping that's sophisticated enough to display olfactory promenades delivering a pleasantly memorable scent. It matures into a conic egg shape presenting colorful leaves of yellow, beige, green and red simultaneously during Autumn. It thrives in Hardy Planting Zone #5 and can tolerate zones 6 through 9 also, preferring deep, moist soil. It's flexible in that you may successfully plant it in areas of full sunshine equally as partly shady. Likewise, Sweetgum Trees grow well in any soil from clay to sand and from acidic to somewhat alkaline. Landscapers also appreciate its symmetrical character. The Sweet Gum Tree is commonly referred to as Alligator wood, American Storax, American Sweetgum, Bilsted, Hazel Pine, Redgum, Satin Walnut and StarLeaved Gum. Usual cultivation enjoys a 50 to 70ft (15 to 21m) mature tree for generations while it may grow as tall as 150ft (46m) in the wild and is known to live as long as 400 years. Its bark presents an attractive light brown or grey with speckles of red throughout jagged edged vertical streaks, and its signature balls are reminiscent of a starfish in a 3D pop-up book. The 5 point greenish to brown flowers begins to show in March to May and continue on display throughout Autumn. The wood of this tree is harvested for many productive uses, and the sap it yields develops into resin similarly useful and is what gifts us with the pleasure of its aroma.

Sweet Gum seedlings can leaves orange in full sun or a slightly shaded area.

Once planted, they require little care other than an occasional watering. The seedlings take root quickly and, once growing towards full height, are perfect shade trees or are lovely encircling a large lawn. While beautiful all year round with their spiky seed pods and star-shaped leaves, Sweet Gum trees are especially gorgeous in the fall when their leaves turn stunning shades of purple, pink, orange and yellow. The seed pods also remain on the tree throughout the winter months, adding much-needed vibrancy and color to a dull landscape. Sweet Gum seedlings are the perfect addition to any garden for wildlife enthusiasts, as they attract mourning doves, sparrows, and finches as well as chipmunks and squirrels that arrive to eat their fallen seeds. Sweet Gum trees are good to use on a lawn and look amazing as they have beautiful crowns on them. They can work great to create a lovely shady spot for a yard and also provides gorgeous color in the summer as they are covered with bright green leaves. During the fall months, the leaves change to orange and a golden yellow.

Sweet Gum Seedlings