Swamp Chestnut Oak

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Quercus michauxii, Swamp Chestnut Oak


The Swamp Chestnut Oak is a deciduous tree that grows to be of medium to large size. It is a low-maintenance tree that produces acorns and chestnut type leaves. It needs lots of room to improve and can tolerate the wind very well. It provides a beautiful canopy which is perfect for giving plenty of shade in the hot summer months. The vibrant green leaves turn a vibrant red hue in the fall and the spring; it produces red and yellow catkins. Mature trees even produce deliciously edible acorns. Birds and smaller animals love to make their home for the protection of the large branches. The dried leaves also make an outstanding quality of mulch.


Swamp Chestnut Oak is Popular for its Height
The Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree is a species of oak that produces large acorns, which are much loved by wildlife and livestock. The wood of the tree can be thinly sliced and is excellent for making baskets. The leaves are broad and straightforward, going from dark green to brown and yellow in fall. The bark is pale gray and scaly, offering a unique texture to the landscape. Mature trees are large, with spreading branches and make excellent shade trees.


The Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree grows to an impressive height
This impressive statue has made it very popular as a tree to line long country drives or to plant in public parks. They may also be grown next to a street to add elegance. These stately trees are a multi-faceted addition to all landscapes.



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