Swamp Chestnut Oak Seedlings

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Latin Name- Quercus Montana Hardy Planting Zone-7-10 Mature Height- 60-70 ft Width- 60-70 Sun or Shade- Full Sun
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Swamp Chestnut Oak - Quercus Michauxii


The swamp chestnut oak, scientifically named Quercus michauxii indicating it is a member of the white oak genus, is a significant deciduous tree that can be found native to Texas. It is also known as a basket oak, due to the wood being used in basket weaving; and cow oak, coined because cows enjoy eating the acorns that fall from the branches.


The swamp chestnut oak, being native to Texas and other bottomland and wetland regions, prefers shady areas and loamy soil. They tolerate both drought and sites that do not adequately drain. It can be found near common streams and along the edges of swamp lands.


This height is obtained through a growth rate of one to two feet annually. This beautiful tree has large four to eight-inch leaves that are vibrant green in the spring and summer, and turn a rusty-orange or dark red hue in the fall.


The swamp chestnut oak can be found in most regions below the Ohio River. This is primarily due to the lack of moisture in the soil in northern areas of the United States.


The swamp chestnut oak is a full and hearty tree that grows best in the year-round moist soil. It produces ample shade, with a branch spread of fifty to seventy feet. Even the fallen leaves have benefits. They can be included in mulch that will repel grubs, slugs, and other such insects. There are no known health hazards involving the swamp chestnut oak.


This hearty and attractive tree can be used in landscaping due to its size and spread. Wildlife enjoys the thick foliage and birds will feel welcome to build their homes in the branches.

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