Sugar Maple Seedlings

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Latin Name- Acer Saccharum Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 82-115 ft Width- 25-30 Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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Sugar Maple Seedlings - Acer Saccharum

Sugar Maple Seedlings have dark green leaves with five points. These leaves turn bright red, yellow and orange during the fall. During the summer, the thick, dense leaves and width of the tree (about 40 ft. wide) provides a beautiful shaded area to yards and gardens. The Sugar Maple can reach heights of 60-80 ft. When mature. The tree prefers well-drained sandy or loamy soils and thrives in full sun to full shade. The seedlings can be grown for shade, ornamental gardens or for their wood or sap (from which the coveted maple syrup is made). Furniture, cabinets, and flooring are made from the wood of the Sugar Maple. In residential yards, the trees are showstoppers in the fall when the colors of the leaves are vivid. In winter months the bark is a beautiful gray color. The seedlings grow fast (around 1-2 feet per year) and the leaves will turn those bright colors the first year. The trees grow tall and straight, with a broad crown.

Sugar Maple Seedlings attract birds, rabbits, and squirrels for their buds, leaves, and seeds.

Plant the seedlings where the roots will not be compacted. This could damage the tree. The trees grow in zones 3-8. The Sugar Maple Seedling is a deciduous tree that is very hardy. It is probably best known for the beautiful red, orange, and yellow colors its leaves turn in the crisp fall months. Its sap is also primarily used for maple syrup. They look great on their own or in a row. It grows nice and straight and produces a lovely rounded crown of leaves. It offers shade in the summer and makes an excellent choice for any landscape.

Sugar Maple Seedlings does well in times of drought or heat and is very adaptable to many different conditions.

It also does well in the shade of other trees. Sugar Maple seedlings work great for gardeners and landscapers. They come ready to plant and arrive in healthy condition. They are great and can adapt to all different types of soil conditions. They make excellent shade trees for lawns and also supply beautiful color during the spring, summer and fall months. During the fall, the gorgeous green leaves give way too cute and bright orange and yellow.

Sugar Maple Seedlings