Star Grass

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Botanical Name: Hypoxis Climate Zone: 3-9 Mature Height: Up to 6 feet Sunlight: Full Sunlight
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Star Grass - Hypoxis


Star Grass is a flowering plant which belongs to the Hypoxidaceae family. A native of the southern hemisphere Star Grass can be found mostly in South Africa in unperturbed, open grasslands. It is a popular addition to gardens in the Americas, Asia, Africa and Australia. In the United States, they can be found in the sun-belt and regions surrounding Orlando, Florida. These plants thrive in moist to damp soil. This plant blooms in summer as a bright yellow blossom with seven petals that resemble a star, hence its name. These petals are a little hairy, especially on the undersides. The leaves are longer and thinner and are sometimes sheathed together in the bass. While their lance-shape resembles that of bamboo leaves, these leaves can also be hairy. In the Americas, Star Grass is used as a colorful pop to the garden or porch pots, yet in Africa, this plant is used to make traditional medicine and a healing herbal tea. As a tea, this plant tastes a little sour. It is used in pharmaceutical preparations among Western medical practices. Star Grass is easy to grow in the right conditions. Star Grass will provide a burst of color to any warmer climate garden and can either be grown in more massive bunches or stand-alone plants making them very diverse for landscaping. Around 100 species of star grass existed as of 2013. While each species is very similar, some have a difference in the shape of petals and leaves, and some can have a more golden, or lighter yellow blossoms.


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