Staghorn Sumac Seedlings

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Latin Name- Rhus Aromatica Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 2-20 ft Width- 10-15 ft Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Shade

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Staghorn Sumac Seedlings - Rhus typhina

Staghorn Sumac Seedlings is a large shrub or small tree standing around 16 ft tall at maturity. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings is woody with long pinnately compound leaves. The velvety feel and forking pattern to the leaves and branching is the source of the name Staghorn. It is sumac which means it flowers with densely packed cone-shaped clusters of deep red flowers. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings is a favorite plant with gardeners, both in its natural form and cut to resemble palm trees. It thrives in dry, poor soil where most other garden plants die. It is hardy from USDA Zone 3 to 8.

Native to the Eastern United States, the Staghorn Sumac Seedlings will add a unique aspect to the landscape. With their quizzical fuzzy petals, they stand out with a look of a stag's new horn growth. Hence the name "Staghorn Sumac." If you want to add extra warm colors to your garden in the fall, this is the Staghorn Sumac Seedlings for you. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings is a great beginner plant, as it can withstand most extremes. The French and Germans have been admiring this garden plant for over 500 years as the "vinegar tree." If you would like to crop or shape this plant, many gardeners will orient the leaves to form like a small palm tree. Enjoy this fantastic and traditional garden plant.

Staghorn Sumac seedlings are perfect for garden areas and to add to lawns. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings prefer to be in the regions that offer medium moist soils and are well drained. Staghorn Sumac Seedlings provide gorgeous beauty as they produce love oval-shaped leaves and blooms that appear as horns. During the fall months, the leaves turn to orange, yellow and lovely purple color. This tree blooms typically during the spring months of the year.

Staghorn Sumac Seedlings