Spiraea x vanhouttei

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Latin Name- Spiraea X Vanhouttei Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 6-12 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Spiraea x vanhouttei is deciduous shrub has arching branches that fall to the ground and are covered in small, dark blue-green leaves.

They leaves measure up to 1.5” long and have 3-5 lobes. Blooming along these branches are showy clusters of tiny white flowers. Each flower will grow up to 1/3” in diameter and the clusters can be as big as 2” wide. Butterflies love these flowers and are often seen resting on their petals. The shrub can be grown in zones 3-8 and reach a height of 5’-8’. Often you can see them being used in hedges, borders, and sunny woodland margins.

Spiraea Vanhouttei is an ideal border. Spiraea Vanhouttei is a hardy deciduous shrub that can adapt to many areas.

Spiraea Vanhouttei is a perfect border Lilac Shrub is readily adaptable to both full sunlight and in lightly shaded areas. Spiraea Vanhouttei needs moist soils and grows best in average or medium moisture soils, and can even live in drought. Spiraea Vanhouttei has dark blue-green leaves that cover it most of the year. In the springtime, the Spiraea Vanhouttei is covered in white blooms that make the plant a brilliant white color. The blossoms of the Spiraea Vanhouttei attract large amounts of bees and butterflies to the area.

Spiraea x vanhouttei shrub is also deer resistant and can grow well even with regular deer grazing.

This shrub is also deer resistant and can grow well even with regular deer grazing. Spiraea Vanhouttei makes an excellent border or foundation for any garden or yard. Some farms even use it as a windbreak because of its dense nature. When planting for a boundary, separate plants by 2 feet to allow for extra growth. Spiraea Vanhouttei is a very fast growing shrub. Known for its hardiness, this moderate size shrub can grow practically anywhere. However, Spiraea Vanhouttei does need extra care in unusually hot or wet climates as extreme heat, or excess moisture will cause it to struggle. Proper drainage is necessary, and water should never be allowed to pool around the roots. White 1-2 inch flowers will bloom and cover the shrub like a carpet in April and May. The flowers are known for their beauty and frequently used in wedding decor and bouquets. In autumn the leaves won't change but rather stay green.

Spiraea x vanhouttei