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Eleocharis Acicularis, Spikerush 



Spikerush is Commonly Planted Near Water

It likes very wet conditions, so it is excellent around ponds and streams. It does help with erosion but is a slow grower usually just a few inches each year. Full sun is best and shallow water works best for this grass. These can grow submerged entirely underwater and appear like an underwater plant. These grasses are an excellent source of food for wildlife such as fish, ducks and or reptiles because of the micro and macroinvertebrates that make this grass home.


Spikerush have stems that can be seen unbranched, and the sheaths are at the bottom. Each spike has a small, tiny fruit up at the top. A lot of wildlife animals love this plant because they not only eat the top part of the plant but they can eat whats left once it dies too. With a plant that can be planted both indoors and out, it makes it a versatile and easy growing plant. It also goes by the name of hair grass or spiking grass. In most places, this plant grows in clumps or clusters.


Spikerush grass can be classified as either a perennial or a native grass.

The roots run deep but love water. This plant is commonly planted around ponds, lakes, streams, water beds. This grass has small flowers which are easily transplanted when the wind blows because it transplants the seeds to other places. This plant grows underwater and can be grown both indoors and out.

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