Sphagnum Moss

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Spaghnum Moss - Sphagnum species USDA Climate Zone - Zone 2-9 Moss Height - 4 inches Moss Width - 3 feet Soil Type - Wet, boggy and acidic Sun - Partial sun to shade
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Sphagnum Moss 


Sphagnum moss can be found in wet and boggy places. It will grow best in acidic soil. This particular type of moss needs a low pH so it can’t grow in soil or near water that has any amount of lime in it. It often grows in clusters but is relatively small though these clusters are small they are incredibly dense. This moss so close together called bog mats that it could float on top of the water. It has a very shallow root system making it versatile to grow almost anywhere. Because of all of this, it can support the weight of a giant moose.








The leaves are small and often have tiny teeth. The leaves can vary in color from red, burgundy, yellow or brown depending on the area that it is growing in. But most often you will see the leaves as light green. Because of the capillary tubes, it holds water like a sponge. Therefore you can squeeze it out, and it can be reused. If you are ever in a survival situation finding this moss dry can be used as an excellent fuel or fire starter. Though it doesn’t burn as long as other things, you could use as fuel. Since this particular type of moss grows in swamps, and wet areas, it is hard to find dry moss to use as a fire starter.



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