Soft Rush

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Latin Name-Juncus Effusus Hardy Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Juncus Effusus, Soft Rush 

Soft Rush grows well in average soils.

Soft rush is a native wetland grass that can be found growing on most continents around the world. Soft Rush can be seen growing well in many wetlands and swamps. Soft rush can be produced in moist, fertile soils that stays well-drained. Soft rush also grows well in humus rich soils. Soft rush also needs full sunlight to grow but can grow in partial sunshine. On Soft, average rush grows around three feet high when its fully grown but in some cases can be found growing up to five feet tall.

Soft Rush gets its name because it is so soft when you touch it
This grass can grow to be around 3 feet tall and can spread to 2 feet wide. Soft Rush is excellent for gardens and natural areas. This grass does well in full and partial sunlight. They are very versatile because they can be grown just about anywhere. Soft rush is used by many types of animals such as ducks for nesting material and food. Humans have made tea out of Soft rush and mats from its substance.



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