Snow Hill Hydrangea

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Latin Name- Hydrangea Arborescens Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 3-5 ft Width- 4-6 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Snow Hill Hydrangea

Snow Hill Hydrangea- Hydrangea arborescens 'Grandiflora'
The Snow Hill Hydrangea has big showy blossoms of white against broad, big, gray-green leaves. The creamy white flowerheads can be 6-8" across. The leaves can be 4-8" in length, and the bush can grow to heights of 5 feet or more. The bush is often called a 'snowball bush' because the flower clusters look like a snowball. The large bushes full of snow white flower domes are showstoppers in a garden or a yard. The flowers can be used in vases or dried, and are popular in weddings. The flowers bloom from June to September.

The Snow Hill Hydrangea has beautiful white puffy clusters of flowers on it. The white flower clusters almost resemble a snowball. It has light green colored leaves. This type of plant is a shrub. It is known to be a low growing shrub. It does well plant with other shrubs It also does well when used as part of a border. It will do well, anywhere in your garden, or lawn. It is a beautiful shrub that will make a great addition to any garden, or yard. They can be planted as accents. A lot of people use them are decorative pieces, when they add them to their property. Snow hill hydrangea is a small grower and only reaches heights of up to 5 feet and has a canopy spread of up to 6 feet. This shrub is native to North America and can be found growing the best along sides of rivers, streams, and roadsides due to its moist, wet soil. This tree has also been referred as seven bark because the bark can be seen having up to 7 different colors of bark on it. This bush is often used as an ornamental piece or an accent piece. This shrub also has many medicinal uses too. The blooms will show in the late spring to late fall. This shrub will provide brink beauty to your garden, and color to your property. Next time you need a bush for your property this one is worth buying.