6-8" Small Wooden Stump Planter

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Here's how your plants will look on arrival. All plants are dormant with no leaves or foliage.

6-8" Small Wood Planter

A 6-8" Small Wood Planter is a useful addition to any garden or outdoor living area. Small wood planters can come in a variety of decorative styles and can be used to grow plants, vegetables, and even small trees. Planters allow for versatility. Vegetables and other small plants can grow in a protected area or be moved around when necessary to avoid the elements. Planters also provide the option to grow foliage and plant life on decks or in other regions without soil.

Be sure to disinfect the planters between uses to avoid the spread of diseases, and treat the wood each season to prevent rot. It is also important to line the planter with plastic to prevent water damage. Additionally, planters should include drainage holes to let out water. Otherwise, plant roots will sit in stagnant water, and most roots need some air to stay healthy.

Multiple small wood planters can be used to host a variety of plants, keeping them separate from each other. Gardeners can meet the specific needs of each plant on an individual basis for a healthy garden and beautiful backyard. The decorative and practical purpose of small wood planters makes them a valuable addition to any garden.

Small wood planters are a unique piece of landscaping decor that can be used in any landscape setting that will allow any homeowner to be set apart from the others such as their friends and neighbors. Wooden planters are tree trunks that have the center hollowed out so that a planter can be set down inside or potting soil directly poured inside, and plants like the perennial or a vine can be grown directly inside them. If one chooses to plant vines, the vines will then in return drape over the stump creating a look of elegance. These can be set in a natural area, on a deck or even indoors if one chooses to do so.