Silky Willow Live Stakes

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Latin Name- The Black Willow Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 30-70 ft Width- 7-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade

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Silky Willow Live Stakes

Silky Willow - Salix sericea. The silky willow plant is a native of North America with silvery, narrow leaves. The plant is a shrub, which means there are several stems which grow from the woody base. The leaves are simple, either lobed or unlobed without being separated into leaflets. One blade occurs per each node along the plant's stem. The edges of the leaves have teeth, and the leaves drop off each winter. The shrub's fruit is dry and will split open upon ripening. In the winter, the twigs can be brown, yellow, purple, or red. The plant naturally thrives in wetlands and other areas of damp soil.

Silky Willow Live Stakes mature beautifully. Silky Willow trees get their name because of their blooms. The blooms are soft and bushy or fuzzy, resembling cotton balls. They cling to the branches. The Silky willow trees have brown stems with white flowers and then in the fall months can produce a bright red fall color. They serve as an ornamental tree rather than a tree with a purpose. This is a fast-growing tree because it can grow up to 6 feet per year. The Silky willow tree has long blooms that look like cotton; these flowers look similar to a cats tail. These stems are often cut and brought indoors as centerpieces or accent pieces. The branches can grow up to 4 feet long so you can cut them at different heights. They will bloom in early spring and last until summer. During the fall months, the blooms will remain but will turn a darker brown. Plant Silky Willow Live Stakes to establish a tree. This mature tree is perfect for any landscape design. This tree does well in various soil types. They can grow as fast as 3 feet per year.