Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Cornus Amomum Hardy Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 6-10ft Width 6-10ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun


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Silky Dogwood Live Stakes

Silky Dogwood - Cornus amomum. Silky Dogwood Live Stakes is a deciduous shrub which grows to medium size. Typically, the plant grows in areas with damp soil such as wetlands and swamp areas. The twigs and the leaf undersides both have a silky texture, which is where the plant gets its name. Typically, this dogwood plant will grow between six and twelve feet tall and has an open-rounded form. The flowers are a pale yellow-white color and tend to bloom through the late spring and early summer. After the flowers, drupes similar to berries form and slowly change color from white to blue while they ripen in the summer.

Silky Dogwood Live Stakes is a deciduous tree. It is also called Cornus amomum. Silky dogwood is tolerable in wet and dry places but likes moist well-drained soil. This tree is green with flowers that are a cream color during late spring. Then during early summer, its fruits are eaten by birds. Then during fall, the silky dogwood leaves turn a dark red. The silky dogwood is an excellent border it can also be used for naturalizing, massing, and as a screen. The silky dogwood is multi-stemmed and has many different branches all growing from the same trunk. The leaves are small and can grow around 2 1/2 inches wide and are reddish-pink-purple color. The centers of each bloom are light in color, which is cream to off-white. It can grow well in zones 2 to 10 and looks good planted along fence lines or driveways. The fruit matures in the spring to mid-summer. Silky Dogwood trees are magnificent ornamental trees for natural areas and gardens. It will award the gardener with beautiful clusters of white blooms to enjoy during the spring and summer. It grows best in moist, fertile soils and full and partial sunlight. This tree has a rounded look. With its color and form, the silky dogwood is the perfect tree for your garden.