Serviceberry Tree

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Latin Name- Amelanchier Selection Hardy Planting Zone- 2-9 Mature Height- 6-25 ft Width- 4-20 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Serviceberry Tree

Serviceberry - Amelanchier arborea. A deciduous shrub or small tree related to the Rosaceae (Rose) and native to the Northeastern United States in zones 4 through 9. It grows from 15-25 feet tall with a similar breadth of spread. This tree family is known by many familiar names, among them: wild plum, chuckle pea, juneberry, shadbush, and Saskatoon. This particular variant is also called downy serviceberry. It's tolerant of many soil types and does well in full sun or partial shade. Blooming in early springtime from March to April, white flowers appear before the leaves and have five petals with a light scent. The edible berries are showy themselves, turning from green to red to blue. Berries ripen in June, are harvested for jams and desserts, and are also attractive to birds. The leaves turn vibrant fall colors and drop for the winter. This tree can develop a bushy habit if root suckers aren't cut back. Serviceberry trees require little maintenance and have medium needs for water, soil, and pH levels. They flourish on borders and woodlands but will also grow along streams and ponds. It's tolerant of clay soil and pollution, so does well along roadside forest edges.
The serviceberry trees grow white, silky flowers in the spring, and develops purplish to reddish berries in the early summer. The berries are tasty and can be made into your favorite jams and pies. The leaves turn from a bluish-green to a foliage reddish-orange to yellow in the fall. Other known names include Juneberry, Amelanchier spp., sugarplum or chuckle pear, among others, and are in the rose family. The serviceberry tree grows around 15 to 25 feet. It also grows as a large shrub for that perfect landscape. They are shipped to the consumer when the trees are at least 7 to 10 feet tall when the branches are sturdy and have a sturdy stem. Serviceberry trees are an excellent way to bring color and life to a garden. It is covered with small white flowers during the spring and also produces berries that small wildlife adores. During the fall months, the leaves change to an orange color and paint a beautiful picture. They are very easy to grow and care for. It can be trimmed to be kept to specific heights for all areas.


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