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Service Berry Seedlings

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Latin Name- Amelanchier Selection Hardy Planting Zone- 2-9 Mature Height- 6-25 ft Width- 4-20 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Service Berry Seedlings - Amelanchier

Also known as the shadbush, and Juneberry, the Service Berry is a low maintenance deciduous tree/bush that thrives best in zones 2-9, and in loamy, well-drained, slightly moist soils with a ph of 5.5-7.8 and a little more luxurious. Although the serviceberry is native to Minnesota, you can find an upwards of 25 species of the serviceberry tree/shrub throughout the United States. The serviceberry can thrive in full shade, but if you want a complete harvest of great tasting fruit, its best to grow the serviceberry in full sun.

The serviceberry is a medium growing tree/bush that grows to an upwards of 8’-25’+ tall by 4’-15’ wide and is loved for its color throughout the year. In the early spring, you will find small, white, five-petal flowers that mimic the apple blossoms flowers, yet more slender. After the Service-Berry Seedling is done blooming, you will see clusters of deep red to purple edible berries, that is an excellent substitute for blueberries. As fall arrives and the nights start to cool, the serviceberries foliage turns into a blue-green color and turns into beautiful hues of oranges and reds. The serviceberry is an excellent tree for birds and bees.

Service Berry Seedlings grow into beautiful, smaller trees that are excellent for small lawns or small spaces.

This is another of those plants that some consider a shrub, but it is a little tree. They will create an area of interest no matter when in the lawn they are planted. They are easy to maintain since they will adapt to most any soil as long as moisture and good drainage are provided. These trees produce a berry that will turn black when it is ripe. It will also attract a variety of wildlife to the area.

Serviceberry seedlings or better known as Amelanchier Alnifolia. Hardy in planting zones 2-9. The growth rate is 2-3 feet each year. Service Berry Seedling at maturity can be 6-25 feet tall and 4-20 feet wide. Plant in full sun to partial shade in most any type of soil as it is very adaptable to different soil conditions. It can attract a lot of wildlife to your landscape.

Service Berry Seedlings will have juicy purple berries in which are edible for humans and make excellent jam and jellies.

Then its bluish-green leaves will give way to a beautiful shade of orange and red in the fall. Later in the winter, you will have the lovely silvery bark that will look great all winter long. This low maintenance tree will attract birds to your landscape and is drought tolerant. This can be grown as a large shrub or a small tree.

The Serviceberry Tree offers different interests in all seasons. Spring it will bring gorgeous white flowers. The leaves are bright bluish green and are stunning. In Fall the leaves become red and orange. In Winter the silver bark is eye-catching. When deciding to landscape, this can be a perfect choice, especially for all the color changes. They grow alongside the house, in front, and also in a small or big backyard. They are very easy to work with and no worries of having to keep up with. People passing your home will love to see all these beautiful colors the tree has to offer.

Service Berry Seedlings