Sandbar Willow Live Stakes

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SALIX INTERIOR USDA Climate Zone - 3-9 Tree Height: 20 - 30 feet Tree Width: 10 - 20 feet Sun: Full Sun
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The sandbar willow is often planted near a river, lake, pond or around a water garden. The roots love moist soil and can grow in sandy areas where other plants cannot. The roots are strong. The canopy can be quite large and will spread to produce a significant amount of shade. The stems are erect and medium size. If you do not have the money to spend on a fence, you can use the sandbar willow as a privacy hedge.


The sandbar willow is a medium growing shrub that grows in dense thickets. It can grow well in soil levels with pH between 5.5-8.0. Deer and birds love the leaves of this plant and find the shelter to be a safety net for them. It does not tolerate dry conditions so making sure it gets watered frequently is a must. The sandbar willow prefers full sun.
Sandbar Willow trees are flood tolerant
Sandbar Willow trees are tolerant of water and saturated the soil, making them an ideal tree around lakes and streams. Sandbar Willow will be a very thick tree and can serve as a place for small wildlife to hide, and birds will love it. It has buds that are green-yellow and are alternatively grown. The buds are quite small and can only grow to around an inch long. The leaves are small and just grow up to 2 inches long.