Red Weigelia

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Latin Name- Weigela Florida Pink Hardy Planting Zone- 4-8 Mature Height- 6-8 ft Width- 48 inches Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Red Weigelia - Florida Weigelia Attracts Wildlife

The Red Weigelia is a shrub that takes its name from the stunning red flowers that stem from its leaves. These funnel-shaped red flowers bloom twice a year, both in late spring and summer. Unlike many other flowers, these blooms maintain their radiance throughout their life cycle. The Red Weigelia is a perfect fit for a yard that needs a bold pop of color and is sure to catch the attention of all who witness it. The bright red bulbs will pop against their lush green leaves and will bring curious hummingbirds to the scene. It is best suited for the sun where it can catch the light to perfectly accent its colors. Red Florida Weigelia is a hardy deciduous shrub. Red Florida Weigelia blooms in mid-spring with bright red flowers that cover the small bush. Red Florida Weigelia Attracts Wildlife such as hummingbirds and other pollinator animals with its deep red blooms. This shrub has a deep dark green with some purple leaves to cover the woody stems. Red Florida Weigelia grows best in loamy soils that stay moist but not wet.

If you are looking for a plant to get your money's worth, then this is the plant for you. They are a very showy type of flower that works quite well when a person wants to bring out the real beauty of a landscape quickly efficiently. They also require no pruning, unless you desire to shape them. When other plants only bloom once a year this plant will bloom twice a year. The blooms can last longer than other plants. It can do well in many soil types. The Red Florida Weigelia is a natural growing deciduous shrub. This shrub blooms beautiful red; bell-shaped flowers that are known to attract hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies, while keeping away deer. They grow best in late spring and early summer, repeating their blooms once again in the late summer; Meaning they have two seasons of bloom each year! Their recommended soil type is either average, fertile, or well-drained and they require periods of deep weekly watering or more, if they are in extreme heat, up until they begin to establish themselves.