Red Twig Dogwood

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Red Twig Dogwood Shrub 

Red twig dogwood shrub is an excellent choice for a decorative plant because of its year-round beauty. In growing season it has silky, broad, oval leaves that are dark green on top with a lighter edge with a lighter, gray-green on the bottom. It also produces small white flowers and round white berries.

The plant's real beauty, however really begins to show as it enters the dormant season. In Fall, the leaves darken into a bright red or even purple color. Once the leaves have all fallen, it is a vibrant plant with dark red branches and twigs that look beautiful against a snowy, white background. The red when they are bare makes them a popular choice for year-round decorative landscaping.

This shrub is hardy, fast growing and very large. They are tall, growing between five and fifteen feet upward, with nearly twice the width. The vast root system that it has to match provides excellent soil retention. The plant is often used to prevent erosion and for restoration by Agencies in Canada and the United States. They are reasonably fast growing and will reach full size by the second growing season.

The red twig dogwood shrub likes a temperate climate and does best between. In the wild, this shrub is often found in wetlands. It prefers its soil to be significantly moist and thrives best when it is federalized to be a little bit acidic. Shaded plants often lack some the vibrancy of the branches, so for a redder color, they should be planted where they can soak up as much sunlight as possible.

Both beautiful and functional, the red twig dogwood shrub makes an excellent landscaping option.