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Trillium Erectum - Red Trillium is very bright when in bloom. It has a gorgeous red bloom, and they appear during the spring. It grows best in climate zones 3-8 and thrives in moist soil.
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Trillium erectum, Red Trillium 


The red trillium (also known as purple trillium, or wake-robin), is an incredibly stunning flower. It blooms with three green leaves, and three dark red, almost maroon, petals. They are a favorite among wildflower gardeners. These flowers are relatively easy to grow, as all they need is fertile soil and most shade. They are also very tolerant of acid or alkaline soils. These plants are usually planted in the fall, to bloom in mid to late spring. They are also great at keeping deer away. They will be the perfect flower to add to your garden.


Red Trillium Blooms April through June


Red Trillium is a gorgeous flower when in bloom. Red Trillium will bloom from April all the way through June. It will thrive in moist and well-drained soil conditions.


The Trillium erectum, Red Trillium has a very distasteful smell. But it makes up for it in its beauty. It is pollinated by flies. The Trillium erectum, Red Trillium has three leaves that are bent backward. This plant is excellent for naturalizing. Trillium erectum, Red Trillium tolerates wet soil.


Red Trillium is an excellent perennial.
It will bring life and a burst of color to a garden or natural area. When in bloom it will give beautiful blooms that will be from red to burgundy in color. The leaves on the Red Trillium will be a gorgeous green. It can grow to be as tall as 24 inches and will usually bloom from April through June. Red Trillium prefers soils that are moist and are well-drained. It will also do great in fully shaded areas and partially shaded areas.



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