Red Raspberry

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Red Raspberry Bush- Rubus idaeus USDA Climate Zone: 2-7 Bush Height: up to 5 Feet Bush Width: 2-3 Feet Soil Type: Tolerates a wide range of soil pH texture and requires adequate soil moisture Sun: Is adaptable to full sun or partial shade

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Red Raspberry

The Red Raspberry bush is a beautiful bush. Red Raspberry leaves are a soft, natural green, soft to the touch with a jagged edge. Red Raspberry is a perennial with woody stems, ensuring that it should live for a long while so long as it receives proper care. Red Raspberry blossoms are pure white, with five petals, which should attract all manner of butterflies for the family to enjoy, and when pollinated bear deep red, edible berries. The berries are a right balance of sweetness and tartness, perfect for a summertime snack food, or a delicious pie. The sweet-smelling berries should also attract cute songbirds, squirrels, rabbits, and even deer, perfect for nature-loving families.

The Red Raspberry is an edible fruit that has become a fall favorite. Red Raspberry is a fruiting plant. Red Raspberry is very drought resistant. The scientific name for this plant is Rebus Idaeus “Heritage.” Heritage Everbearing Raspberry is an easy favorite due to its deep flavor, firmness, and large sized fruit. It is easy to force it into production twice per year, and Red Raspberry will even produce its first year. The first, slim harvest starts in July and the second in September. Expect to have a hefty yield through the fall. These large firm berries are perfect as is and hold up exceptionally well in pies and canning. The hardy plant will do well even in colder zones where most other raspberry varieties will not grow well or at all. The self-supporting canes do well as a bramble groundcover or on a trellis or additional vine support. The fruit that this plant makes can be transformed into the most delicious desserts or other dishes that the fall season has to offer. Make pies, jams, jellies or eat them raw, it does not matter!