Rabbiteye Blueberry

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Rabbiteye Blueberry grows into unusual shrubs. These shrubs are ideal for all lawns as they are very easy to grow and do not require any particular type of maintenance as they grow and mature.

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Rabbiteye Blueberry - Vaccinium Virgatum

The Rabbiteye Blueberry - Vaccinium Virgatum are drought resistant heavy berry producers. The blueberries are easy to grow and ripen in the mid-season. The sweet blueberries are delicious and quick to grow. The plant reaches maturity at 10-12 feet in height. They produce lovely pink foliage in the fall. The Rabbiteye Blueberry produce bushels of medium to large berries. The berries are rich in antioxidants and can be frozen for off-season enjoyment. These plants only need water and fertilizer to get them established. They do best when potted in quart pots and left in full sunlight.
The Rabbiteye Blueberry are slow maturing plants. Rabbiteye Blueberry can sometimes produce up to nickel size fruit that is edible. This bush does best with other blueberry plants planted relatively close. Birds and squirrels like the fruit of this plant. Rabbiteye Blueberries are relatively easy to grow. They are sensitive to the type of soil they are planted in, but otherwise natural plants to grow because they are pest-free and require little fertilization. Most of these plants start to produce fruit in the third year but are not fully mature until their sixth or seventh year. It is best to buy one of these bushes in its second or third year because it adapts better to transplanting. It can also grow as much as two to three feet in a single year. The perfect soils for Rabbiteye Blueberry will be well draining, sensitive to sodium and have a pH of between 4 and 5.5. The reason for the name of this plant is because the fruit resembles the eyes of a rabbit. Rabbiteye Blueberry fruit is still sweet and can be eaten right off the plant or made into something such as a pie or jam for the whole family to enjoy.

When the flowers disappear, the beautiful berries appear and ripen pretty fast.

They are amazing when added to all types of recipes such as cakes and pies and can also be made into delicious jams and jellies. These are ideal for all size lawns and gardens and is a great way to provide delicious berries that are pesticide free. The seeds are full of vitamins and also has a lot of antioxidants in them which makes them very healthy to eat. The rabbit-eye blueberry bush is a species of blueberry bush that is native to the southern United States ranging from Texas to South Carolina and even Florida. Also known by its scientific name of Vaccinium virgatum, the rabbit-eye blueberry can grow 3-6 feet tall and spread out as full as 3 feet. Once in bloom, the rabbit-eye blueberry bush will sprout white, bell-shaped flowers that are around 5 mm large. The forest will also grow fruit berries that are about 5 mm in diameter and range in color from dark blue to black.

This is a favorite ornamental bush for its bright red and orange fall colors. The berries are edible and used to create sauces, syrups, jellies, and can be baked into pies, muffins, and bread.

Rabbiteye Blueberry