Purple Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Lagerstroemia Indica Hardy Planting Zone-6-9 Mature Height- 15-25 Width- 10-20 Sun or Shade- Prefers Full Sun to Partial Sun
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Lavender Crepe Myrtle - Lagerstroemia indica

Purple blossoms highlight of hardy, attractive tree

Lavender Crepe Myrtle is known for its stunning light purple flowers and light-colored bark. They are frequently used in gardens and landscapes because of their hue and pleasing fragrance. The blossoms have a long flowering season and will bloom throughout the summer. The tree matures quickly, and gardeners love its versatility. They are resistant to drought and harsh growing conditions. Insects and mildew are also not a threat to the tree. Lavender Crepe Myrtle trees don't need to be pruned and essentially need no attention or care. This tree is simple to grow and provides brilliant colors. This tree is a perfect addition to landscapes.

Lavender Crepe Myrtle trees are a lovely want to bring lots of color to a garden and also to a lawn. These trees are amazing and beautiful as they are growing. They usually bloom at the beginning of summer and sometimes can bloom for several weeks. This tree has large gorgeous purple clusters of flowers at the ends of the limbs. These trees also love moist and well-drained soils but can even tolerate dry conditions during the hot summer months of the year. They are also great to bring small wildlife such as a variety of birds that love this tree. Hummingbirds especially enjoy them while they are in bloom. The bark on this tree peels off and provides a very smooth trunk, and the leaves are a vibrant dark green. These look amazing when there are several planted together to create a beautiful border around a lawn or to line a long driveway or sidewalk. They can be trained to grow into a beautiful tree and also a lovely large shrub. They look great in gardens and natural areas and supplies a lot of colors as they are in bloom. Homeowners love these, and they are trendy, and they can be found growing in a lot of locations. Lavender Crepe Myrtles is a variation of Red Crepe Myrtle. Lavender Crape Myrtles is a variation of Red Crape Myrtles but its much more extensive and has a deep lavender color to its bloom.



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