Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

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Latin Name- Pinus Hardy Planting Zone-3-7 Mature Height- 60-100 Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Little or Plenty of Sunshine


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Ponderosa Pine Seedlings - Pinus Ponderosa

The Ponderosa Pine Seedlings is a coniferous evergreen that is native to the Western United States and Canada. It will grow in a variety of soil conditions including rocky, loamy clay and sand, and alkaline and salt soils in zones 3-7. It needs full sun.

The tree typically grows to be 60’-100’ tall with a spread of 25’-30’. The tallest known Ponderosa Pine Seedlings was found in River Rouge National Park and measured 268.35’ tall! It has a medium growth rate and will grow 13”-24” in a year. It is an ornamental tree that is grown in parks and large gardens. The needles of the Ponderosa Pine Seedlings are bright green and flexible and can be from 3.6” to 7.8” long. The branches are upright and grow out at narrow angles from the trunk. The bark of a young tree is blackish-brown. As it matures, it will turn yellow to orangish-red with thick plates that have black crevasses. The Ponderosa Pine Seedlings gives off a scent described as turpentine and is the only food for the caterpillars of the gelechiid moth. In 1953 a group of Ponderosa Pine Seedlings was exposed to a nuclear blast to see what would happen. Upon inspection, they were found to be partially burnt and blown over, but otherwise unharmed.

The Ponderosa Pine is a fast growing pine that makes a beautiful Christmas tree when young and an excellent windbreak as it grows. It is one of the most popular pine trees in America and can thrive in a variety of soils. The Ponderosa Pine reaches heights of over 100 ft and can live more than 500 years. Its broad, robust tap root system makes it an excellent choice for erosion control. Its beautiful green color and delightful pine fragrance make it an attractive pick for ornamental planting. The Ponderosa Pine is also a favorite home for birds and small mammals, such as squirrels, who nest in the treetops. Ponderosa Pine Tree Seedlings make terrific windbreaks once they are mature. These are huge trees. They are ubiquitous pine trees and seen quite often all through North America. When they are grown, they will be tolerant of drought, disease, and most pests. These make lovely shade trees.