Pink Crepe Myrtle

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Latin Name- Lagerstroemia Hardy Planting Zone- 6-9 Mature Height- 15-25 ft Width- 5-10 ft Sun or Shade- Partial Shade

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 Pink Crepe Myrtles is a species of deciduous and evergreen shrubs or trees that are cultivated worldwide in warmer climates.

The plant produces leaves that range from 2 to 8 inches long and contain entire margins. The crepe myrtles produce distinct flowers that have a crepe-like texture, are long lasting in color and bloom in summer. These myrtles are capable of growing from 1 foot to over 100 foot tall and are made up of different sized branches that molt their bark during a year's period. The pink crepe myrtles can be produced from seed to bloom within one single season. Pink Crepe Myrtle has both medium sixe and lots of colors.

The Pink Crepe Myrtle is a great plant that blooms very colorful dark pink flowers.

Add that it has a beautiful bark this plant will become the showcase of your landscape. Foliage consists of narrow dark green leaves that are typically between the 1 to 2.5” ranges. The flowers are beautiful even though they are paper-thin and can bloom into 1 to 1/5” inch flowers. It has a good contrast of both size, beauty, and colorful blooms. Pink Crepe Myrtle brings color to any landscape. Flowers bloom dark pink within the first round of blooming. If owners prune the flowers that are at the end of its bloom a new one will begin. The second bloom will be lighter in color but will be equally showy to its dark bloom counterpart. This will extend the beauty of it within your landscape until the lovely foliage transforms into its fall colors of orange and red appear. There are many varieties of crepe myrtles, and all have their shine! Pink Crepe Myrtle grows to add color and a bit of flare. Owners wanting color throughout the spring and summer will love this plant within their landscapes. The Pink Crepe Myrtle can be pruned to be a low shrub but is in its full glory when trained to be a tree within a scene. One can choose to neatly prune it or leave it alone and let it grow to its size.

Pink Crepe Myrtle tree is fantastic and brings lots of bright and brilliant color to all gardens and lawns when they are in bloom.

They grow best when planted in climate zones six through nine and also is called Lagerstroemia by the botanical name. They do great when planted in sandy and clay soils and to grow in moist and well-drained soil conditions. They thrive when grown in full sunlight and partially shaded locations. This plant brings lots of small wildlife to areas also such as bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. They have beautiful pink blooms that are in clusters at the ends of the limbs and are very bright and vivid when in bloom. They look amazing added to gardens and natural areas as ornamental trees. The trunks of these trees peel and become very smooth in texture as they grow and have a unique look about them. These trees are simple to build and take very little care and maintenance from the homeowner or gardener. They look great when several of them are planted together to create a beautiful natural border for lawns and landscapes. They also seem fantastic when used to line long walkways and driveways. Brightly colored perennials can also be added around the bottoms of these beautiful trees to provide extra color as they bloom. Daffodils work great added around these trees and are also a great touch to add more curb appeal to a home. Lagerstroemia, more commonly called Crape or Crepe Myrtle Tree, is a division of almost fifty different related species originating in the Indian subcontinent, Asia, and Australia. It is now fashionable in the garden and private collections in most warm regions around the world, especially the American south.The large, gorgeous flowers, most popular in deep layered pink, blossom from summer to autumn. They can also appear in almost every possible color shade from purple to white, except for blue. The tapered leaves usually measure about two to eight inches (five to twenty centimeters) long, providing a simple backdrop for the intricate blossom.

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Pink Crepe Myrtle