Pine Cones – 1 Gallon Bag

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Pine cones 1-gallon bag

The pine cone is an organ of the tree that contains the tree's reproductive organs. They vary in size and maintain a similar shape depending on the tree. There are female and male cones and each one plays a distinct part in the reproduction of the tree. The male cone is the pollen cone and is structurally similar to most male cones showing different scale sizes and slightly different shapes and slightly different pollen sacks. the female (seed)cone exhibits marked differences between tree species and will produce a seed when pollinated. Pine cones are spherical, elongated, have overlapped scales, separated scale patterns, or are berry-like depending on the species and location of the tree.

Pine cones are popular for the do it yourself crafter who like to decorate in a woodsy, rustic theme. Always a favorite in holiday designs, the pine cone is versatile and strong and endures. Small, medium or large, it can be decorated using paint, glitter, pompoms and is used in model train exhibits providing a real and rustic scene accessory. Pine cones are also loved if they are saturated in cinnamon oil and used as aromatherapy.

Pine cones are fabulous and can be used in a wide variety of ways. They are often used during the holidays to provide gorgeous decorations and also some provides a very delightful scent that smells a lot like Christmas. They are harvested from very mature pine trees as some trees take years to produce a lovely pine cone. They come all different shapes and sizes, so they are unique in their ways. These also make beautiful wreaths and also can be used to create gorgeous candle rings when there is several glued together. They create a pleasant and very natural look and also makes an outstanding decoration when layered in large and small glass containers. They add a beautiful feel when flameless candles are combined to create a beautiful centerpiece for a table or mantle area on a fireplace. They can be purchased in one-gallon bags and are ready to use from beautiful online plant nurseries.