Pine Bark Mulch – 3 Gallon

Larger Quantities, Lower Prices

Pine mulch 3-gallon bags

Pine Mulch is great for large or small gardens and natural areas. The mulch will also help prevent weeds that sometimes grows in gardens. It may not eliminate them but will help slow the growing process. Placing landscaping fabric or plastic under the mulch will help a lot with weed and grass control. This Pine mulch is excellent for keeping moisture around plants, shrubs, and trees and also provides a beautiful look and appearance to a garden area. It even looks great when added to trees and shrubs and offers an elegant look to lawns and landscapes. This mulch is made of pine bark and pine trees that have been chopped very fine. It also has a delightful fragrance. It is available for being bought from the online plant nursery and is shipped in convenient three-gallon bags and is ready to use once the consumer receives. This mulch is also a very affordable price for consumers.


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