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Perennials Fundraiser Garden Collection 25 Mixed Perennials

Perennial Garden Collection- You Sell, We Do the Rest! Earn Double when you sell our fundraiser packages. Everyone Loves Garden Plants.

Perennials make for a magnificent landscape. Having them ready to purchase a collection makes them much more attractive and easy to buy. Most landscape centers and garden centers want you to purchase plants as individuals who will cause the price rise; Offering you a permanent collection is worth the money and your time. This collection contains 50 assorted perennials. All of these perennials will provide you with a wide variety of color and size. You can plant this collection as a group or alone.


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Written by Bob on 10th May 2016


I was concerned when I first got these plants. They all looked so sad and that I might lose one or two of them. I read through the instructions, and followed them closely. I have to say, I am VERY impressed with how amazing these plants turned out. They are beautiful and smell even better. They are growing quickly!

Written by undefined on 5th May 2016

Mine didnt have instructions

It would have been great if I would have received instructions on how to care for my plant rather than looking for instructions on the web but other than that

Written by NDHS on 7th Feb 2016

Well pleased to work with

I couldnt believe how easy this company was to work with. We have tried fundraisers like this in the past and they have all flopped. This one worked great!